Our Team



Pete is an Indian-born Canadian entrepreneur, an inventor, and a climate champion who founded Forest Bean Inc. in 2019. Currently, he is the Canada Head for energy decarbonization at the Jacobs Solutions, implementing zero-emission transportation initiatives in Canada.
Dr. Poovanna is the inventor of the U.S. patented technology called nature-inspired capillary-assisted evaporator for sustainable air-conditioning. Pete’s parents are sixth-generation coffee farmers in India who produce the best quality of coffee with the utmost emphasis on sustainability. Pete is a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post, Policy Options, and has several scientific publications related to clean technology. Pete holds a PhD in Mechatronic Systems Engineering from Simon Fraser University, Canada. Before moving to Canada for his PhD, Pete worked with the multinational automotive company Robert Bosch, Germany as a senior mechanical engineer.

Director & Coo


Parv Kataria, also known as PK, is an exceptionally passionate advocate for building sustainable communities worldwide and an avid coffee drinker. Born and raised in India, PK made the courageous decision to leave behind his family and friends at 18 and start a new life in Canada, where he pursued his passion for creating a better, more sustainable world. Though the journey was challenging, he remained undaunted in pursuing his education and gaining experience in the hospitality industry, ambassadorships, and project management, finally leading him to Forest Bean. PK was inspired by the Forest Bean's agroforestry, which purposefully integrates the growing of trees with crops and the farm's biodiversity preservation methods. He chooses to see the world through a spiritual lens and is always in a constant state of learning because of his curious nature. PK is determined to bring the world together one cup of coffee at a time. As a partner to the firm, Parv wants to create a future with flourishing communities and spread awareness of a sustainable future with the help of Forest Bean. PK as an Incoming Managing Partner, in his role, will oversee the company's business development, growth, sales and operations.



Cait has worked on environmental and social sustainability initiatives locally and abroad. With a great interest in climate change and methods to motivate sustainable action, she works with the Fraser Basin Council as a climate change adaptation Program Lead and facilitates the BC Regional Adaptation Collaborative. Previously, she engaged local government employees in sustainable behaviour-change in the San Francisco area, analyzed seniors' wintertime health and social connectedness in London, and coordinated communications for a BC environmental charity. She has a MA in Disasters, Climate Change Adaptation and Development from King's College London.



Sandesh is a coffee agronomist with over a decade of experience in sustainable multi-crop farming, inclusive procurement & coffee supply chain management. He has worked in many coffee growing regions, including India, Laos PDR, Thailand, and Nepal. With a great interest in providing market access support to Small Holder Farmers in India, Sandesh has excellent skills in coffee roastery & blending. He has an educational background in Agriculture (University of Agriculture Science, India), Agribusiness & Plantation Management (Indian Institute of Plantation Management) and Precision Farming (Purdue University). Sandesh has worked with the multinational coffee giant Tata Coffee Ltd., and with Olam International, a leading food and agri-business company in the world,