Our coffee farm (coffee forest) is part of the Sacred Groves (known by the names Betegara & Kuttichatha), located on the hilly forested heartland of the Indian Western Ghats. The coffee here is grown naturally under two-tiered shade on micro-lots with the utmost emphasis on sustainability. Our farms are testimonials of our Indigenous faith that safeguards the wildlife-rich coffee forests as a part of nature worship. We believe that if we protect the farm by not felling any trees nor harming wildlife, the reigning deity will protect us in return, and the farmers will prosper. At our farms, the wildlife, forests, and farmers utilize the natural resources in a mutually beneficial manner. Our farms produce some of the highest quality coffee while providing a natural habitat for a multitude of birds, bugs, wild cats, apes, elephants and other wildlife to thrive alongside coffee plants.


Our coffee forests are exceptional because alongside enriching the taste of your coffee, they also enhance the wealth of biodiversity. We have recorded the presence of over 100 floral species, over 50 bird types, and countless native trees on our farms. Tigers and elephants are a common sight on our coffee farms, which are also home to monsoon squirrels, wild boars, wild frogs, Indian cobras, wild civets, and numerous birds, including peacocks. Our practices are unique when compared with other coffee-producing regions around the world. Our farming process shows the nexus between wildlife and coffee and also encourages wildlife conservation. This is why Forest Bean's tagline is "Connecting Bean to Biodiversity."


The Forest Bean coffee farmers, who belong to the ancient Kodava and Adivasi communities, employ traditional farming practices. These practices are designed to work in harmony with nature. We carefully handpick every bean and meticulously roast them to make an exquisite artisan product.

The presence of Totem Figurines on our farms shows the deep cultural significance of the coffee forest and surrounding wilderness. As a part of nature worship, we have been offering Totem Figurines to the deity of the Grove for centuries. These terracotta animal totems are placed throughout the Groves. Even now, century-old Totem Figurines can be found at several locations throughout the farms.

Indigenous Potters from the Kumbara community have been making these terracotta Totems for generations. This ancient pottery and art style created by the Indigenous Peoples have been passed down from generation to generation, and they are still practiced in our community. At an annual ceremony, our community members perform rituals by offering terracottas to the deity of the farm.